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At Statfoods, beyond honesty, one of our core values is being 'Evidence-based.' We understand that this is not a claim to make lightly. We also understand that it is a claim often abused in the food, nutrition, and fitness industries - many companies leverage an obscure reference or a correlational finding from a single study to justify a direct health claims or an entire business line.

We strive to never do that.

We're a young company and our expert advisory board is still in the making (by the way - if you're a nutrition/fitness professional, we'd love to hear from you!), In the meantime, we're grounding all of our claims in takeaways from experts - either US Government sponsored nutrition/health bodies or credentialed (legitimately) professionals that we've been studying for years. Citations are available for every claim we make. 

We take this seriously. Dispelling misinformation and myths while re-focusing attention to the things that will create real, lasting health change is the primary reason we created Statfoods.

To that end, if you ever find anything misleading, inaccurate, or troublesome regarding our statements or our foods, let us know. We will listen, and if our scientific or pragmatic rationale is debunked, we will change.