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A real definition of "healthy" food needs to face facts:
  • 68% of America is overweight or obese.
  • Cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death in the US. 
  • Being overweight is strongly linked to cardiovascular disease.

So what makes a food "healthy" then? At Statfoods, we think the answer is clear:

A "healthy" food is one that YOU successfully fit into your habits to help lose fat and maintain a lower weight

The key to this definition is that it's all about the individual, it's about YOU. You are different: different tastes, different work schedule, different shopping habits, different budget. 

We made Statfoods based to provide a new "healthy" option for YOU: 
  • We think that you're more likely to eat tasty foods, so we make our snacks delicious.
  • We think you have a better shot of losing weight if you feel full, so we make our snacks high in protein and fiber to fill you up with less calories.
  • We think you like to spend less and eat conveniently, so we make it cheaper and easy to eat on the run.

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