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Flexible dieting

Sugar-free. Dairy-free. Grain-free. Unprocessed.
Nowadays we’re quick to label and demonize the “bad” elements of foods and cast them away forever.

Superfood. Organic. Grass-fed. Antioxidant packed.
On the other hand, we cheer others and put them on a pedestal.

At Statfoods, we don’t believe that any one food is good or evil (and we think it’s a little weird to talk about food with personality traits like they’re out to get you). We believe in a flexible diet instead of a restrictive one.

We recognize that your daily/weekly target Stats (calories and macronutrients) are the most important factors in a diet and that there is an infinite number of ways to get them. We understand that you’re human – donuts are delicious and sometimes you want something sugary sweet. Locking them away only makes you more likely to fall off course and binge in a moment of weakness.

This is one of the places in nutrition where there is broad consensus: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and others discourage restrictive diets and encourage flexibility.

Now, don’t get us confused. You won’t ever hear us recommend a diet full of donuts and French fries. Different foods have different Stats, and some of those Stats make it really easy to overeat and gain weight in the long run (foods lower in Protein/Fiber and higher in Fat/Carb). The point here is that you can and should enjoy goodies from time to time – it’ll keep you sane and allow you to stick to your goals for the long haul.

I’ll end with a story about myself.

As a kid and teenager, I loved those instant ramen noodle packs and would eat them ALL THE TIME. At the stage in my life when I decided I wanted to try to lose weight, I cut them out completely. I had to get rid of the excess carbs and sodium, right? So that was it. Zilch. Nada. No more wavy noodles. No more of those little flavor packets (although those suckers were so annoying to open and dump out, right???)

Several ramen-less years later I found myself stressed out at the end of a long workweek. I was chatting with a friend around lunch hour when she said, “How’d you like to try that new Ramen spot down the street?” I immediately said yes to the offer.

Little did I know that only one bowl full of hearty broth and succulent noodles later, a full-on ramen bender was about to ensue.

Weeks later when I woke up from my stupor (a few pounds heavier and smelling oddly of fish sauce), I realized it was time to lay off. But this time I did something different.

I forgave myself for the lax eating behavior and didn’t restrict myself from any noodles. I came back after a couple of weeks. I cut back, not off. You’ll still spot me in a delicious ramen house from time to time, but there is no unhealthy “relationship” there – it’s a luxury, not something I'll ever completely remove from my diet.

This is in part why we make Statfoods. You deserve a delicious snack that fits your goals more regularly (as in, errr, between trips to the noodle house).

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